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The Revenue Relationship

Achieve Success with Recurring Revenue in Your Online Small Business

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What if you could take what you already built and make it more profitable with recurring revenue?

Between the pendulum of trusting the customer and the customer not trusting you is the customer trusting the decision you make because you are acting in their best interest. That is what I call The Revenue Relationship. The Revenue Relationship is the idea that customers and sellers invest in one another. The relationship is not simply transactional or based on one-off purchasing decisions. The Revenue Relationship is an ongoing transactional process (recurring revenue) that benefits both the seller and the buyer for continued growth.

Through this book, you'll discover how you can also get time back in your business, step back from the edge of burnout and take the necessary steps to enjoy what you've built again. You'll find that recurring revenue is more satisfying when we serve our clients correctly, and the reward is business growth for all involved.


Download your CORE Action Plan Worksheets that pair with the book so you can implement and see results.

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The CORE Methodology for Recurring Revenue


Putting Care at the center of your business, shifts product and services offering to base care plans that meet the requirements of your clients. This is the foundation of your CORE Revenue.


Optimizations will vary based on client needs, they will be products and service offerings that meet the majority of your clients' list but at particular to their business. Every client will be optimizations and they build on your CARE product offering.



Based on the optimizations, clients will need continual redesign as their business grows and needs change. This step in the cycle is less frequent but required for CORE Revenue to be effective.


The Revenue Relationship is most visible in this stage where you evaluate your client, their needs, and growth in order to take them to the next stage.

About the Author

Kristina Romero began as a website developer with her company KR Media & Designs creating websites for companies that included Coca-Cola Company, Food Network, and Hollywood celebrities. Through her experience running an agency, she developed a passion for helping other website professionals grow their businesses and better serve their clients. Kristina has trained thousands of web professionals with content across the web including webinars and courses for WP Elevation, WordCamps, GoDaddy’s Pro, ManageWP, and more. Now with her own training program inside WP Care Market, Kristina's built a community where website professionals can discover quality training to increase their revenue and better their client relationships.